Here is the trailer for the short film, "Birthday Crashers."  Produced by Paul & Cee-French Harth of Chiron Films and directed by Etienne Goldet.  I had the pleasure of directing photography on it.  It was an intense shooting schedule but with the help of an amazing cast & crew, we were able to get it done!  
I had the great pleasure of working on this mini-documentary, RETURN TO BROOKLYN, produced & directed by my good friend, Francesco Saviano of UnArmed Media.  The documentary has been recently featured on Esquire here.
Bubble Girl is Screening!!

Thursday, October 24th at 5:30PM at Village East Cinema, located at 189 2nd Avenue at 12th Street.

Full details regarding ticketing for this festival will be available shortly at — at Village East Cinema.
I had the great pleasure of working with director Matthew Bonafacio, on his feature film "The Quitter."  Principle photography was framed by the talented Timothy Nuttal.  We shot on location in Coney Island and Lawrence, NY.  Be sure to check out "The Quitter" in the near future!
The trailer for our feature length documentary, "Voices" is available to view here or at the film's website at

We are very excited to share this trailer and hope to begin the festival circuit run soon!!  You can subscribe to our mailing list here
Here are some shots I selected from the short film "El Cuco" written & directed by Kayla Llanes.  We shot on the Red Scarlet-X with the Canon Cinema EOS prime lens.  This was my first project shooting in the horror genre and Kayla was very easy to work with in discussing the visual style and color palette.  We had an amazing cast & crew and the shoot was very fun to work on!
I had a chance to collaborate with my old college buddies, the talented Ray Ricafort (Riggsyfort) and Mike Song.  The polishing of the video is all due to the great work by our editor Mark Batstone.  Amazing experience to have been able to work with everyone involved!  
The trailer for the short film "Bowes Academy" that I had the pleasure of shooting is available online.  This piece was written & directed by Greg Emetaz of Minor Apocalypse productions.  

Trailer is available here.
Last year, I was fortunate enough to be asked to shoot a project for Conde Nast Travler and Land Rover USA.  This project took us out to various locations within Inner Mongolia, where we followed and documented members of the Expedition Club in their search for the tomb of Genghis Khan!  The Land Rover vehicle was the perfect tool to travel through any type of terrain.  We drove it through dirt & rocks, mountains, water, and sand.  We had a small team and there were many challenges logistically but at the end, I think we were able to get some great footage.  It was an amazing adventure and experience and I definitely fell in love with the food out there!  I hope you enjoy the video above!